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Here at Suffolk County Home Improvements we recognize how important your home renovation is to you, We design, supply and install the best quality remodeling materials to build your dream home.

FREE ESTIMATES and DESIGN SERVICES for your homes extension or dormer across Suffolk, Nassau, and the five boroughs of New York.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of serenity and relaxation with the help of Suffolk County Home Improvements. No matter how big or small your home space is, let our experienced team work with you. Choose the right design that fits your style and budget.

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Why remodel your home? Whether you’re preparing for retirement, looking to increase the value, or you just want to feel a bit more comfortable, remodeling your home may be a great alternative to give your digs a facelift. Your home is your own personal retreat. The upkeep of your residence can affect how comfortable you are. Remodeling your home can make the difference in levels of safety, comfort and beauty. It can increase the the value, save you a headache later on, and positively affect the aesthetic. Take a look at your home and see what you want to improve. How would you change it? Are there any upgrades you have in mind? Take the leap! Give your home the love that it needs. After all, it is your shelter, and the place where you and your family build the most memories together…