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Time to Extend! What to Know About Building a Home Extension

Sometimes we all need a little bit of space. One of the best ways to achieve that is through the beauty of Long Island home remodeling. Not only can our Long Island general contractors make your home over, they can also provide more space in your sanctuary by building an extension on your house. Before deciding that this is what you want to do, you may want to consider some things. Our team has compiled a list of questions to ask yourself, or your contractor, before you build an extension on your house.

What is the Goal of Your Home Extension?

This is the first thing you should ask yourself. Why do you want to add on to your house? Is it necessary? What kind of extension do you want? Does a dormer make sense to your potential extension? A dormer extension helps increase space in a loft, for example. What the extension is for will ultimately determine a lot of other factors down the line. Decide it the extension is necessary and why it will improve your life at home.

How Long Will the Job Take?

Building an extension is not just an average Long Island kitchen remodeling job. We’re talking about a whole other section of your house here! This may take more time than you would like to complete. Generally, the process takes a few months. Remember you have to cut through some red tape on getting planning permissions and regulations approval. Think ahead about your timeline. If you really want that extra bedroom or office, patience is your best friend. Expect a rocky road with some construction that will take awhile. If you go in with the right attitude, it will be more than worth it in the end.

Is Red Tape a Red Flag?

In the last section we mentioned the red tape of planning permissions. This can often be a hassle, not to mention a rather lengthy process. Sometimes, however, you do not need planning permission to build a house extension. It truly depends on what kind of extension you are planning to build. Before you hire anyone, simply find out through your local planning officer. They will be more than happy to discuss zoning laws and any planning permissions you may need.

Do You Need to Hire an Architect?

When planning on building a home extension, it is absolutely wise to hire an architect. This is a huge project that will require the work of a seasoned professional. We aren’t talking about a simple, do it yourself Long Island bathroom remodeling job, after all. Many things have the potential to go wrong if you tackle building an extension yourself. Take our word for it! Hire an architect straight away.

Think About Your Neighborhood

A house extension is a huge construction job. It would be very considerate of you to think about what kind of impact a job of this nature will have on your neighbors. If you live in a development where the houses are very close together, you may want to consider talking to your neighbors before going through with the job. Remember that this project could affect your neighbors’ quality of life while it is being carried out. At the very least, keep your neighbors in the know about what is happening with your house extension.

Considering all of the above aspects of building a home extension will truly help you before you sign on the dotted line. The team at Suffolk County Home Improvement wants to see you living your best life in the house of your dreams. Building an extension just might be the way to achieve that! If you would like to discuss your options for a house extension, please contact us anytime!